Best 5 Android Emulators for PC Ever to See-Windows 7/Xp/8.1

Right Now i will show the Top and Best 5 Android Emulators for PC Download i ever seen

Introduction :

Since ever the smartphones came to the life with the n numbers of apps, the daily life of its users has certainly become easier. Now, that the apps have made it so simple to do tasks like online shopping, bill payment and others for the android users, there are some people who wish to do the same on their PC. So, here I’m with some of the top 5 android emulators for PC which will make sure that you can use the android apps from your PC.

Top+5 Android-Emulator-Pc

Jar of Beans


This famous android emulator for PC is based on the android’s Jelly Bean version OS and could be downloaded easily from its official website. This emulator is highly recommended for the high resolution apps with high quality resolution as well. It works fine with all windows platform available like XP, Vista or even Windows 8.1 and is a cinch to use as well.

Download a Free Jar of Beans Android Emulators for PC Here

AMD AppZone Emulator::


If you’re looking for an emulator with gaming as your utmost purpose, then this AMD AppZone is one of the best options available while choosing an android emulator for PC. It allows you to play most of the games available in the Google Play Store including 3D games as well. The official website from where you need to download this emulator also has some selected games for you to play. But, this emulator is not recommended for the app testing purpose.

Download AMD Appzone Emulator for PC  Here

Andy ::


Andy is an android emulator for PC which works to get you the best overall experience while using the android apps on your PC. The biggest advantage of using Andy is that their support staff is very knowledgeable while it comes to rectify your issues, in case if you’ve got any. Andy runs most of the android application with ease and offers better picture stability and faster loading of the apps then other PC emulators available in the market.

Download Andy Emulator for PC  windows Here

Official Android Emulator ::

This android emulator for PC is offered and used by the android development team itself as an option for those who wish to look into the technical side of the android development. It runs most of the apps with uber ease and comes at no price at all. You’ll also get a complete app development kit as well to make sure that you get all possible guidance to come with your own android app soon.

Bluestacks ::


Last but not the least, Bluestacks is currently ruling the throne of the best android emulator available in the market because of the features it provides, ease of use, user friendly interface and much more. It gets installed in a jiffy and you can start finding the apps right away with this. Moreover, it not only works for Windows, but for Mac as well.

Download Bluestacks App Player Here

and more emulator comes into the markets like Youwave,genemotion,Virtual box and so on..

Final Words

I guess now when you’ve got one of the best options available in the market; it won’t be too hard for you to select that which android emulator for PC is suited for you. Still, if you’ve any suggestions which should have been on the list, then comment below to share that with us.

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