Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Gameloft has announced its fourth number of the series Dungeon Hunter. The game about the brave hunter has a number of activities and features similar to the previous series that is Dungeon Hunter 3, but still there are many things that let you differentiate between the two series. Though the game play and the levels may be almost same but as you proceed in the game you can feel the difference here and there. So, get ready for the ultimate adventure of the game Dungeon Hunter 4 on your computer.


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The game play is set in an imaginary kingdom named Valenthia that is now ruled by some evil powers. The evil has not only conquered the people of the kingdom but also their minds. This is the reason all the soldiers, peasants and other various people are against you that is the character who is there to fight the evil. As you proceed with your bow and arrow fighting the enemies, you also will be collecting the gold that will help you in purchasing different items such as weapons. These new weapons will help you in fighting the enemies in the difficult levels of the game.

While starting the game, you can choose the character among four types. The first one is Battleworn who has an armor and a big sword. The second type is the Blademaster with secret skills of getting less wounded. Warmage is the type that deals with spells and Sentinel is a tricky bowman. After choosing your character you can start up with the game. Since the staring of the game, you can feel the excellent graphics of the game. Along with the characters, also the monsters are designed in a real pleasing manner that creates an environment of adventure.


People who love to play difficult adventure games; they will definitely get entertained playing this game, as it gets harder and harder with the passing levels. And as you proceed in the harder levels you need some extra weapons, armors and items that are stronger and powerful than the existing ones. Also, you need to upgrade the skills of your characters so that you can fight accordingly with the enemies. For getting new items and upgrading your character’s skills you will have two options. You can buy and upgrade using the gold coins that you accumulate in the game. In case if you do not have enough gold coins in your game, then you can buy crystals with real money and then using those crystals you can buy items and upgrade your character for harder levels.


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Getting the game Dungeon Hunter 4 on Android device is easy using Google Play store. But if you are wishing to play the game Dungeon Hunter 4 for PC, you can use the emulator Bluestacks for doing so.

  • Simply download the application BlueStacks in your computer, if you don’t have it already.
  • Now search for the game Dungeon Hunter 4 through BlueStacks and install it directly on your PC.
  • Once it is done, open the My Applications option in BlueStacks and click on the game and start playing!
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