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Among the midst of so many social networking applications there are a few applications devoted to images. Instagram is one such image sharing application that does not need much of an introduction now due to its growing popularity each day. Since the start of the application it has set its fans and users and everyday it attracts many other people to get started with it. But the only thing is that this Android application is not there yet for the windows operating system. So, there is an alternative way out through which the application can be installed on a windows device such as your PC.


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Features Of The Application

Instagram comes up with a number of features even for your PC. Some of the features that you can enjoy on your PC are listed below.

  • It is an easy task to get started with the application. Just sign up with the help of your basic information such as your name, email id, contact number and others and your profile is now ready to be used. You can also get signed up to Instagram application using your facebook account.
  • The application comes with a simple system and with the possibility of sharing any number of images. There are no such difficult tricks or some lengthy process involved. You can simply click a picture, have it on your PC and then can upload it on your Instagram profile to share it along with your followers.
  • The application is known for its simple interface. You will not get lost in the interface while understanding it. Just have a look around and you will be able to know about different options and tools that are there in the application for your use.

If you have a look at the tools of the application, you can find some of the unique options that can help making your image worth sharing and getting recognized in the community. This is a reason even a simple image sometimes can be changed drastically to give it a rich texture in Instagram.


There are two very simple ways to get popular on Instagram. The first one is by sharing differently images constantly so that you can look regular to others and they become your followers. The second great way of getting more likes and images is by liking other images and following others on Instagram.

Instagram On Your PC


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  • In order to get the application of Instagram on your personal computer, you should have an emulator on your device. You can have BlueStacks and in case you don’t have then you can get it instantly from here!
  • After you install it on your device, you can start your search for Instagram using its search tool.
  • As you get the application option for Instagram, click on it to get the install option and then you can install the application directly on your device.
  • After it has got installed on your device, you can start it from My Applications section of BlueStacks.
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