Pixel Dungeon for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Pixel Dungeon is a fantastic fun filled Rogue-like game developed by Yohan Games. It is an old-style roguelike game with simple pixel-art graphics and modest interface. The game is really interesting and is being liked by people of every age. It has got some amazing features and options to choose from. The use of attractive colours and wonderful graphics makes it even more interesting for the users. There are more around 15 weapons, along with 10 monsters in the game. Though this game was initially built for smartphones like Android, but is now accessible on PC too. It is being easily supported by any operating system. You remember the game Mario. Its pixel art graphics are very much similar to that of Mario.


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Pixel Dungeons is a dungeon rogue like, it means that the main character travels through a dangerous dungeon full of monsters and loot. The main aim of Pixel Dungeon is to defeat the fifth boss and achieve the Amulet of Yendor. To achieve this goal, the player must go through 25 different levels, where you need to tackle more and more difficult monsters in every level. In this game, action only occurs when you move. Hence, it provides you ample time to make your decision but at the same time you have to beware as traps and monsters can effortlessly kill you in just one single move, when you are on low health. It is roguelike, which means whenever a character die, you lose all headway and had to start all over from the beginning. There are no checkpoints even. Since, it is a roguelike game; all the stages are totally different from each other. In case you failed on some level, you have the option to retry the complete stage with the same objectives, but not the same level structure.

Choosing A Class:

There are three types of classes available in Pixel Dungeon, and a fourth one gets unlocked only after beating the third boss. It is advisable that new players should always start off with the Warrior, but if you are fully acquainted with Roguelike games, you can try the Mage and Rogue too.

All About The Game:

Once you start the game, you will be positioned into a randomly generated dungeon. Signs are present on every floor to offer useful tips about the game. There gonna be lot of things on the screen when you first enter the dungeon. On the top, the picture of character is available. Selecting this will bring up info about present health, asset, experience, gold, present buffs, the catalogues, and the journal.

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On the other side at top, you can see the present depth level you are on, or how deep you have gone into the dungeon. It will also show you, number of keys.

Steps To Download Pixel Dungeons On PC:

  • Download Bluestack emulator and install it.
  • Search for the pixel dungeon game in the search box displayed.
  • From there, select Pixel Dungeon and click on the start button.
  • Installation will start in a while.
  • Click on the game’s icon and get started.
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