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Words with Friends game was developed by Zynga. It is a multiplayer and puzzle type game, and to play this game minimum two players are required. It is freely available, as well as paid version of the game is also available with no third party ads in between. In this game the chat facility is an additional feature, used to chat with friends and also connect with your Facebook or Twitter accounts and form the community. It sharpens your skills and you can also play it online and offline anytime and anywhere. It has turn-based design which allows you to play 20 games simultaneously.


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How To Play

Before starting to play here are some strategies to play it honestly.

  • Create a game by inviting your friends by their username on social networks.
  • Place the tiles on the board vertically and horizontally to create the word and additional words must be connected to the previous played words.
  • Shuffling of tiles is also allowed.
  • Tiles can be swapped if you don’t like it.
  • When the word is ready, tap the play which sends the word to your friend.
  • While the friend is playing you can message the friend or else you can add another friend.
  • Your Move” tab is displayed when it’s your turn with the help of push notification.


If the score is more than your friend you win the game. Points are based on the words you create and the color of the tiles that are used to create the word. Different color of the tile has the different points.

Blue Tile: Double the value of the tile

Green Tile: Triples the value of the tile

Red Tile: Doubles the value of the word

Yellow Tile: Triples the value of the word

If you play all 7 tiles in one move you get 35 extra points. If in the word there is the combination like green and yellow tile you get the bonus. Game ends when you play all your tiles or “pass” used 3 times in a row by you or your friend.

Words Those Are Not Accepted:

  • Words always capitalized (Proper Nouns).
  • Words which require hyphens and apostrophe.
  • Racial slurs and words.
  • You can resign the game in between and also delete finished game.


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Features of the game:

CONNECT: You can connect with the player having similar skills by using Smart Match.

EXPAND: Increase your vocabulary with dictionary and word of the day.

TRACK: Improvements and performance can be tracked from your details.

CHAT: You can chat with your friend while playing.

ACCESS: Allow to access your games across all devices.

DOWNLOAD: New features compatible with current game.

How To Run On PC:

  • Firstly download Bluestack and install on the PC.
  • Search the Words for Friends game in the search box of the Bluestack.
  • Click on its install button; now wait till game gets installed.
  • After installation you can enjoy playing game by double clicking on the icon.
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