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The LibreOffice Viewer is a simplified solution to view documents on the go without facing any trouble. With the help of the application, users can open and view files including .odt, .odf, .ppt, .xlsx and documents files like .doc and .docx, .ots, .otp. The application helps users to open text documents and presentations also. But when it comes to open tough and elaborated presentation, the application takes time to execute as it’s a beta version, and not a complete office-suite to modify files. However, can be used to open and view files. Having said that, users should always remember that it is not an alternative for online storage applications such as Polaris or Google Docs, but just a viewer.


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How LibreOffice Viewer Works?

First of all, it is the only application which smoothly runs on all PCs and laptops including Windows, OS X and Linux. It comes up with a complete set of essential office apps such as word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps. It works just like Microsoft Office. Users can find standard top menu representing all features, open drop-down menus, and use customizable toolbars with standard set of icons that can be understood easily without any hassles.

In case you need to know about any icon, just put cursor over it. Just like Microsoft Word, users will get a live word count right on the status bar in word processor. However, users can’t get an option to divide a document into two parts and also can’t be able to get a friendly page view option before taking a print. Rather, LibreOffice provides just a print layout view which showcases headers, footers, gap between the pages and not a good looking ‘Web layout’ view.

The Interface:

LibreOffice has a long way to go. The tools and options are bit messy with navigation box which helps you to find the options or pages you want. On the other hand, many of its menus are standard and it eventually restores all menu settings to the original defaults. The best part is that it works really well with all Microsoft Office documents without consuming much of your time and energy. You can hassle-free import word documents, Excel worksheets, PowerPoint slideshows and rest of the complex worksheets into LibreOffice.


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How To Download It For PC?

Though there are various ways to use it on the PC, still here are the simplest steps to use LibreOffice viewer on the desktop

  • Firstly, download Bluestack for PC as it is considered as most trustworthy Android emulator. Therefore, it will easily run your Android applications on your PC hassle-free.
  • After installing it, click on ‘Next’.
  • Search for ‘LibreOfficeViewer’. Once you get it, click and download the software.
  • After that, just follow the instructions you get on the screen for the installation of the software.
  • Once the installation is done, scroll to the ‘All App’ options in order to get a quick way to the newly installed LibreOffice Viewer.
  • Now just open and read your favourite documents anywhere and anytime!
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