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Today, there are a plethora of online games in the market to choose from. Among all these games, there is a new game which is a revamped version of games we used to play a couple of decades ago. Here, we are talking about Badlands which is nothing short of a puzzle game. The game has been mixed with some exciting and adventurous features to make it more interesting with all age groups. Although, the game is especially designed for Android smart phones and devices, still one can play it on Windows laptops or PC by following some simple ways, which we tell you later in the article. Before that, let’s find out the plot of the game.


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Badlands is basically a game which demands intelligence and logic. Players can find different puzzle games that are quite interesting and won’t make you bored. Players are empowered to select figures with which you can choose to play the game from a versatile number of unique characters. The main task of the game is to scroll with proper logic and reasoning that help you to solve the puzzles efficiently. You can either play the game individually or invite your friends to make it more entertaining. Maximum four players can play the game and each one of them has to pick a figure to be controlled in order to solve the puzzles. Every player is given a corner to begin the game and the player who collects most of the points will be declared as a winner.

Features of Badlands:

  • The game is very diverse and loaded with wide range of difficulties that players need to face before reaching to the final goal. You have to remember your scrolls in order to stay in the game.
  • The game comes up with entertaining background sound and themes that help players to overcome difficulties and solve puzzles with ease.
  • Badlands can either be played individually or with up to four friends. It totally depends on the player how he likes to play it. But more players mean more entertainment.
  • The game comes free and keeps updating at regular intervals.


How to Download Badlands For PC:

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  • As the game is especially designed for Android based smart phones and devices, you have to download Android emulator in order to play it on your PC.
  • First of all, download and install Android emulator, BlueStacks in your PC. You can download the application from here.
  • Once it is downloaded successfully, open it and go to ‘My Apps’ and type ‘Badlands’ in the search box.
  • Once you find the game, click on the download button and install it properly.
  • After installing the game, select ‘Google Play Store’ as a downloading path for the game.
  • Now you will be on the official play store page of the game. Now click on the install button and downloading will begin.
  • After this, Badland game gets installed on BlueShacks. Just go to the app and launch the game to start playing it.
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