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Android apps have created an amazing environment in the technology, by providing unlimited functions and potentials. Android games and applications have certainly proved to be a boon for the mobile users. Knowing the addictiveness of android games and apps, many people are looking for a how-to guide on playing their favorite games on the computers. Well, for this ’Bluestack’ named software has come up as most preferred solution. Bluestack is the free software which is used for running android apps and games in Windows or MAC. Bluestack has been credited as the best android emulator for both Windows and MAC by most of the professionals. This guide is made to explain how to use Bluestack and how to run android apps on MAC.

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How To Use Bluestacks On MAC?

  • Download Bluestack: Download the official Bluestack for Mac from the download button below!
  • Install the app and ignore the warning: Double click on the downloaded .dmg file to install. When any app downloaded from outside the apple app store is made to install in MAC, it shows a warning. But since, we have downloaded Bluestack from its trusted offline installer, it’s ok to ignore the warning and proceed.
  • Drag the app icon straight to Applications. This will get your Bluestack fit for use.
  • Open app ‘Bluestack’ and wait for some time to load and open. Home Page will open up.

How To Run Android Apps In Bluestack On MAC?

  1. Click on any app or go to ‘Settings< Google Account’. This will open up the page where you’ll need to set your Google account in order to gain access to Google Play Store, from where new apps have to be downloaded.
  2. Configure ‘Enable Appstore’ and ‘Setup 1-Click Sync’ to be able to download and install android apps.

Glitches In Using Bluestack On MAC And Its Solutions:

  • ‘Setting up Google account’ problem:

To use Google Play store, you need to login with Google account. But, even if the account appears in the account list, play store doesn’t get opened.

For this, an alternative is to forget play store and use ‘1Mobile Market’ that is present in Bluestack as default app player market. You will find almost all the popular games and apps of android and will be able to download and install easily. The best part is that it is free and doesn’t even require the registration crap. Open 1mobile market and search the app you want and install.

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  • Bluestack- facing problem to load.

To deal with it, you need to delete some config files and open Bluestack again. Right-click on Bluestack icon (in Application folder) and click on ‘Show package Contents’. Go to ‘Contents -> Config’. When Bluestack is idle (i.e. not running), delete all the files from this Config folder, and then open the app.

  • Bluestack- The Battery killer

This should be noted that using Bluestack on MAC cause battery draining more than normal. The only solution is to make sure that the app is not running, when not being used.

Enjoy playing Android games and apps in your Mac.

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