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Kingdom rush is an interesting fantasy game where you are given a kingdom to protect from the evil enemies and the deadly witches. This forms the game base and you have certain special towers and lots of spells to help you saving the kingdom. The game is loaded with number of unique strategies that makes this game different, with other tower-defense action fantasy. Also the graphics are well polished and looks decent while playing the game. The game sounds are also appealing to be kept on. Be ready for the fun with amusement.


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You can have your kingdom at forest, mountains or even wastelands. You get to modify your game strategy by upgrading the tower’s specification. You can also fire upon the enemies, order your army, and include 11 best warriors to save the kingdom from the evil forces. By defeating your enemies, you earn coins which are required for upgrades in future.

Game Features:

  • Addictive levels: that will urge you to complete them anyhow.
  • Eight type of tower upgrades to choose from in order to improve your defense strategy.
  • More than eighteen powers with the towers.
  • You get to fight against more than fifty enemies having their own skills and powers.
  • Nine special Heroes: Select one of them to accompany you while you move towards victory.
  • Get to play special fights with the bosses.
  • Extra game modes to check your skills in understanding and ruling the game.
  • Plenty of game-time so you don’t feel incomplete.
  • Full HD graphics to retain your continuous attention on the game.

Game Tips:

  • Make sure that the soldiers are not stuffed in the towers. Let them cover the whole ground.
  • To face against large group of enemies, split them up and then attack.
  • One more way to fight against a bunch of fiends is to upgrade dwarven bombard to dwarven artillery.
  • Keep in mind that the central explosion, damages the armies more than by dwarven artillery.
  • Keep upgrading your range attackers as they will get special powers with new spells and will help you pass several levels which are almost invincible.
  • Cover up your soldiers throughout the path which enemies will follow.
  • Fully-armored soldiers are difficult to kill via swords and arrows. For them, use the magical towers.

How To Play Kingdom Rush In Mac?

You can play this game in Mac by using an Android emulator. There are many Android emulators available in the market, including Andy, Youwave, Bluestacks, and Official Android Emulator etc.; of them all, Bluestacks is considered to be the best and so we will be using the same here. Here is how to use it:


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  • Download Bluestack for Mac.
  • Now, install the Bluestacks using the file downloaded above.
  • Open the Bluestack software: It will take time to load in the first time.
  • Open Play Store and login with your google account.
  • Search ‘Kingdom rush’ and install the game
  • Now you are ready to play the game on your Mac!
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