Temple Run 2 for Mac : Run for Life and Money!

There is hardly a video game lover who has not played or heard about Temple Run, a running game that requires the player to run insanely avoiding obstacles coming his way. The game became extremely popular among the gamers across the world and soon the makers introduced Temple Run 2 that was similar to the earlier version, but was even more addictive and difficult. The game gave a juvenile rush to the gamers where all they did was running to earn money and to cross levels. It did not take long for the game to be made available for PC. Mac users were kept away from playing this game. But now, the most popular motion game ever has been released on Mac platform too, unofficially though. You can play Temple Run 2 for Mac and use arrow keys and mouse to derive the same thrill and excitement that was available till now to Android and Apple device owners.


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Even More Addictive Than The First Version:

Temple Run 2 is easy to follow for all those who have played its original version. Graphics are even more pleasing while there are some tweaks here and there to make it a very thrilling experience for the gamers. There is an ancient temple that is ruined and the player has to escape from it. The scene continues to change as he runs away, facing new obstacles in his path. There are bridges, jungles, rapids, etc that you will encounter as you run away from the temple. You can play Temple Run 2 for Mac as 4 different characters namely Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Scarlett Fox, and Guy Dangerous. Just keep moving as you do not have a moment to pause and relax. The guardian of the temple is after your life and he will not stop until he makes sure that you have breathed your last.

Run, Jump and Ride to Stay Clear of Obstacles:

Though Temple Run 2 for Mac is mainly about running at breakneck pace, it is not the only thing you do while playing this game. You also get chance to switch ropes to get past wide gaps that are too large to be jumped over in a single attempt. There are coins to be collected as you swing across the ropes. There is also a chance to ride in a mine car when you play this game. As you play the game, you become adept at overcoming all the obstacles coming in your way. But even the most experienced players require Power Ups that are available inside the game for help. You can earn these Power Ups in two ways:

  • Keep collecting coins and gems that come your way to receive Power
  • Get over obstacles to clear levels to earn them.

Different characters have different playing abilities. Choose a character that suits your style of playing. There are many guides available on internet to help you play Temple Run 2 for Mac.  Enjoy this thrilling game on your Mac to have hours of fun.


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How To Run On Mac?

  1. Download Bluestacks.
  2. Install it.
  3. Open Bluestacks.
  4. Search for ‘Temple Run 2’ using the playstore in the Bluestacks.
  5. When found click on install button to download and install it.

You can open the game from the main menu of Bluestacks!

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