Angry Birds Go For Mac

Angry Birds Go is the 8th game of the Angry Birds series, which is one of the most popular in the smartphone kingdom. It is actually a kart-racing game where you play as an angry bird who wants to win the race. The game is full of attractive pig-themed graphics and gives a colorful experience. The racing style and the various superpowers make this game an awesome one.


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The game enables you to choose the mode of play i.e. it is up to you, what you want to race by; touching/swiping or by tilting the mobile to change the direction throughout the race. To start the race, you need to pull the sling backwards and then release it at the perfect time to give your cart a speed to start with. You are also given number of birds to select from. You can also select a bird’s superpower to get unique advantages, as it would be necessary to have in some of the levels. While the race goes on, you can collect coins, special powers, energy boost, and fruits (in some specific levels). The karts can be upgraded in exchange of coins you have earned while racing and it becomes necessity to play/win certain type of races. Gems are the currency of the game which can either be bought by paying real money or collect while racing and progressing game.

Every Course Of The Game Has 5 Types Of Race:

  • Race: It is a race through the downhill against 7 other racers.
  • Time Boom: In this, you run alone and have to complete the race within the fixed time. You need to deal with several obstacles throughout the race.
  • Fruit Splat: The race is played either solo or against 2 other racers and the objective is to hit set number of fruits to fill the fruit-meter which will transform into coins after being fully filled up.
  • Versus: You need to select one opponent and the difficulty level to play with.
  • Champion Chase: It is a one-on-one race, against a new racer. After 3 wins, new racer is unlocked.

How To Run Angry Birds Go In Mac?

Angry Birds Go can be played in MAC by using Bluestack:


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  • Download Bluestack for Mac.
  • Install Bluestack: It is a 100mb .dmg file which you have to mount and drag the .app file to your desired location.
  • Open it: After installation open Bluestack. It may take time to open for the first time, but will be good from thereon.
  • Download ‘Angry Birds Go’: Go to the Play Store in Bluestack. In the Search field, type ‘Angry Birds Go’ and install the game
  • Open the game. You are good to go.

Overall, this game is a total fun. With the colorful digital appearance and amazing superpowers in between the race, it stands out from other kart-racing game in the market. Certainly, every racing game lover should try this game.

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