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FIFA is the name which need no introduction. A name which is usually synonym to football. EA Sports has brought the wonderful game to virtual machine. The game which is played by almost every country in the world. Playing football is so much fun and same fun is experienced while playing FIFA on a virtual machine. As a football simulation video game FIFA has been brought in many versions, of which the latest being the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. FIFA lets you experience the joy of game not only as a player but also as a team manager. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is developed by Electronic Arts Canada and published by Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports).


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The Ultimate Team

  1. Gameplay

The game is not just about playing football, but It requires you to think tactically in building your team and also managing players. Player management is not just purchasing or selling of players but also watching for the chemistry among the players. Chemistry among players is very crucial as how the players perform among themselves on field depends on this. Players which play for same country, same league and same club in real time have better chemistry among them. Controls of the game are bit tricky to play on keyboard and hence consoles are preferred to play game of such stature and fun. Artificial Intelligence of the game is pretty impressive too.

This game lets you play in simulation mode where you just have to manage your teams on the ground. You get in the shoes of team manager and set defence, attack or mid-field and select their intensity using power slider. The game offers a lot of tournaments and leagues to play with each featuring their own speciality. There is also a weekly update issued and gamers choose to select players from packs of players who have performed well in real time over the last week. Multiplayer mode can also be played. Even leagues are updated based on real time events.

  1. Graphics

Graphics part has not really seen a change from the last season. Though some player textures have definitely improved. Players look like same realistic ones and ground seem like you are sitting in a stadium itself. Frame runs as smooth as knife over butter and gives you a really impressive virtual football.

  1. Sound

Sound has really been a forte of FIFA games and EA has made sure that they hold up their reputation in the Ultimate Team. Background music while configuring team and managing them is superb and sometimes give goose bumps. Play is fun right from Kick Off to the sound of crowd cheering their team and hauling. All has been done to provide for a real time experience.


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Want To Build The Ultimate Team?

  • To get your FIFA 15, first get an android emulator. BlueStacks would be an ideal option.
  • Set up BlueStacks over your Mac which needs to be first downloaded from here!
  • Open BlueStacks and search for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.
  • FIFA 15 Ultimate Team quickly appears and then click on install button.
  • Set up the game by opening FIFA 15 file from BlueStacks home screen.
  • Prepare your Ultimate Team and contest matches to win cups and make your team the best.
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